With You. is an outlet for the musical and visual ideas intended to be shared with the world. The task at hand is to combine influences from different times, scenes and genres into something new, Something fresh. The sound is equal portions of 20th century rave-nostalgia, haunting vocal samples, and cathartic tribal beats. Our music, mixes and parties are a homage to something greater than just turning up. Doing exactly what we want, when we want, without hesitation and with passion. Carefully curating moments from dance music history and repackaging them with an approachable pop sheen and heavy doses of nostalgia. With You. as a sound is inspired by everything that embodies soul music.

The music reflects the depth of what we find exciting in music and art, making new connections while referencing our legacy in underground culture. We are focused on a nuanced and timeless sound that explores the emotional potential of dance music. Why do we dance? Because it makes us feel good. With You. wants to move people, through art of dance. A social experience, the blueprint for how to 'move’ around the world. We are passionate about collaborating with people who are creatively working towards affecting culture globally. Individuals but not separate. Together but original.